Facilities & Research Vessels

MBC's office is located in Costa Mesa, CA.

For nearshore surveys and sampling, vessel support is provided by the R/V Scorpeana, R/V Kathryn M. or the R/V Poco Loco. All vessels are trailered, 24- or 25-feet-long, diesel powered, and cruise at 20 to 25 kn. Hydraulic and electric powered winches and davits allow rapid deployment and recovery of sampling equipment. Radar, color fathometers, GPS, and plotters provide station location and tracking.

The R/V Portunus II is a 17-foot-long Boston Whaler that is commonly used to support MBC's larger vessels and as the primary vessel in the nearshore bays, estuaries, and harbors for water quality sampling and diver support. It is fast, stable, and the ideal vessel for the transport of samples to shore or as a shuttle for personnel.

MBC utilizes 10- or 14-foot inflatable boats and a motorized pontoon sampling platform for additional support in extremely shallow areas or locations that are difficult to access with traditional sampling vessels.