Water Quality and Physical Oceanography
MBC's water quality profiler systems allows water column profiles of depth, temperature, conductivity, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, and transmissivity to depths of 600 meters. Data are stored internally and recovered after each survey. The use of remote samplers allows the capture of water samples at discrete depths for critical analyses of constituents such as EPA Priority Pollutants.

Benthic Biology
MBC has performed numerous benthic biological studies since 1969, on hard- and soft-bottoms from nearshore waters, including harbors, bays, and estuaries, to deep ocean basins and canyons. Benthic studies have been commissioned and funded by federal, state and local government agencies, public utilities, and private industry. Benthic studies have been conducted near sewage outfalls, thermal effluents, nuclear and conventional power plants, oil platforms, artificial reefs, and dredging and construction activities from San Diego to Alaska.

Fish and Fishery Studies
MBC scientists have conducted hundreds of studies of marine fishes. Adult fish sampling has been conducted in coastal, harbor and estuarine habitats using video cameras, gill nets, fyke nets, fish traps, otter trawls, beach seines and purse seines. Sampling gear is selected based on life history stages of the target species. Growth, trophic, and reproductive studies have also been conducted on adult fish. MBC has also conducted several major ichthyoplankton studies, one for the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History which covered the entire Southern California Bight.

Studies have included quantification of larval and juvenile fish populations in coastal, harbor, and estuarine environments, using stratified sampling of the water column with surface, mid-water and bottom nets. MBC has also performed several large-scale cooling water intake sampling programs to estimate larval entrainment losses. Such experience has established MBC as one of the most competent ichthyoplankton teams on the West Coast.

MBC has conducted major fisheries studies for the California Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Minerals Management Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service's Southwest and Northwest research centers.

Kelp Bed Biology
MBC has a long history of research and monitoring of kelp beds along the California coast. Long-term projects include the monitoring of kelp beds as well as restoration. The late Dr. Wheeler J. North, a world-recognized expert in kelp bed biology, was a principal of MBC.