Marine Birds, Mammals, & Sea Turtles

In 2009-2010 alone, MBC scientists performed the following tasks for NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center: cetacean ecology and modeling services, cetacean genetic analysis, marine turtle database management, marine turtle genetic analyses, health evaluation of Arctic marine mammals, California sea lion diet analysis, bowhead and humpback whale analysis, passive acoustic data processing, and determining behavioral biology of gray whales. Many, if not most, of MBC's marine baseline and monitoring studies have involved opportunistic censuses of the marine birds and mammals in the study areas.

MBC has also conducted several specific studies on marine mammals, in particular, the California gray whale, and the impacts of oil and gas development activities on marine mammals in southern and central California. Related studies include a baseline study of gray whale movements and behaviors in the vicinity of Point Sal, Santa Barbara County, and an extensive review of literature on the gray whale migration and behaviors between Unimak Pass and San Diego. MBC also performs ongoing nesting studies of black-crowned night herons for the Port of Long Beach.