Logistical Support

Research Vessels
MBC operates the R/V Davis, R/V Kathryn M and R/V Poco Loco for a wide variety of coastal and offshore sampling and support programs. The vessels are both trailered, 24-feet-long, diesel powered, and cruise at 20 to 24 kn. Equipped with a complement of navigational electronics and deck gear such as hydraulic and electric winches and davits.

The R/V Portunus II is a 17-foot-long Boston Whaler that is commonly used to support the R/V Kathryn M. or the R/V Poco Loco and as the primary vessel in the nearshore bays, estuaries, and harbors for water quality sampling and diver support. It is fast, stable, and the ideal vessel for the transport of samples to shore or as a shuttle for personnel.

For more detailed information, please see our research vessel page.

Scientific Diving Operations
In many cases the in situ observation of biological communities is preferable to remote sampling methods. MBC maintains a team of trained, diving scientists and technicians who have logged many thousands of hours underwater since 1969. MBC is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) and all scientific diving operations at MBC are carried out under the AAUS national standards for training and safety.

A wide variety of underwater equipment for general survey work, sampling, and photo documentation (still and video) is available for specific applications.

Field Equipment
MBC applies the most suitable and cost-effective sampling technique for the habitat under consideration. Techniques utilized have ranged from remote samplers to manned submersibles, using a full range of sampling devices from plankton nets to box corers. In the event that standard sampling gear is not adequate for the specific task, MBC can modify or design and fabricate custom sampling gear in its special development machine shop. A list of MBC equipment and the daily rental rates for MBC projects are available upon request.