Fish & Fisheries

MBC scientists have conducted hundreds of studies of marine fishes. Adult fish sampling has been conducted in coastal, harbor and estuarine habitats using video cameras, gill nets, fyke nets, fish traps, otter trawls, beach seines and purse seines. Sampling gear is selected based on life history stages of the target species. Growth, trophic, and reproductive studies have also been conducted on adult fish.

MBC has also conducted several major ichthyoplankton studies, one for the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, which covered the entire Southern California Bight. These studies included sampling of larval populations in coastal, harbor, and estuarine environments, using stratified sampling of the water column with surface, mid-water, and bottom nets. MBC has also performed several large-scale, intake sampling programs to estimate larval entrainment losses. Such experience has established MBC as one of the most competent ichthyoplankton taxonomy and intake sampling groups on the West Coast.

MBC has conducted several recent studies aimed at filling data gaps in nearshore fisheries. These projects have included: Compiling and integrating data from several southern California juvenile halibut studies into a set of linked databases for the National Marine Fisheries Service, developed an informational database on Southern California Bight sportfishing trends for the National Marine Fisheries Service, and performing early life history studies on nearshore croakers.