Marine Resource Investigations for a Proposed Desalination Project Offshore of Camp Pendleton, California

MBC is providing marine biological, water quality and oceanographic assistance to RBF as part of a series of Technical Studies for a proposed seawater desalination project to be located in southern Camp Pendleton, located near the City of Oceanside, California, for the San Diego County Water Authority.

MBC collected and reviewed existing data to develop a work plan for the Marine Resources Technical Studies. Field investigations conducted by MBC includes: ocean current and water column stratification studies; water quality testing; benthic infauna; macrofauna, demersal fish, reef, and kelp bed community studies; and an entrainment and impingement assessment survey to provide data for modeling input and preliminary mitigation determination.

MBC also prepared a summary of conditions and biological concerns for the project area and provide an overview of the existing physical and biological conditions of the nearshore marine environment.