Southern California 316(b) Impingement and Entrainment Studies

There are multiple generating stations in southern California withdraw once-through cooling water and are subject to Section 316(b) regulations. The 316(b) Phase II regulations for existing power plants required an analysis of current entrainment and impingement rates of fish and shellfish. Potential compliance pathways included installation of fish protection technologies, alternative cooling methods, restoration, and economic (cost-cost and cost-benefit analyses). MBC provided 316(b) support for eight power plants in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. These services included:

  • Compliance planning and study design;
  • Performing year-long Impingement Mortality and Entrainment (IM&E) studies;
  • Preparing required documentation and reports; and
  • Providing representation at regulatory meetings.

Studies were completed in 2007, and final reports were submitted in 2008.

Related Projects: AES Huntington Beach Retool Project (2001-2006), El Segundo Power Redevelopment Project (2002-2010), WISER Fish Life History Studies (2006-2007), and ongoing impingement studies.