Port of Los Angeles - San Pedro Waterfront EIS/EIR

MBC conducted a third-party review of the POLA San Pedro Waterfront EIS/EIR for adequacy of the water quality and marine biological sections. MBC revised and updated water quality and marine biological sections as needed. Because of the potential for increased numbers of whale strikes as a result of increased vessel traffic from the San Pedro Waterfront project, MBC researched marine mammal ship strike issues and recommended methods to reduce the potential for vessel strikes. The marine mammal analysis also reviewed operational protocols to protect marine mammals during pile driving operations.

Services also provided by MBC as part of the San Pedro Waterfront Project:

  • Preparation of an Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) assessment;
  • Avian surveys to determine potential habitat use by black-crowned night heron and great blue heron in the water front area; and
  • Caulerpa and eelgrass surveys in the Salinas de San Pedro Salt Marsh.

The Final EIS/EIR was certified in September 2009.

Related Projects: MBC performed similar services for the Berths 97-109 (China Shipping) Container Terminal Project (2005-2008), and the APL Terminal Project (2009-present).